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The Matri-Thon

The Pan-Fandom Women 40 And Over Ficathon

The Pan-Fandom Women 40 And Over Matri-Thon
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This is the Matri-Thon, a ficathon to celebrate women the age of 40 and over.

Media, in general, tends to disappear women, and particularly women 40 or over. Fandom, despite being female-dominated (and some corners of it being full of women over 40), exacerbates this tendency; fanfic tends to concentrate on the hot guys, in part because they're the characters featured in the source material and in part because we're soaking in the same culture the media creators come from, where women middle-aged and older are ignored. The purpose of this ficathon is to push back against that, and highlight older women in our fanfic (or vids, or fanart, or whatever creative product we choose to make.)